About The Founders

It all began on a bus stop in Long Island, New York: Both Tom and Diane were native New Yorkers with a love for family and tradition. Married with 4 kids, they moved to California in pursuit of the American Dream. In 1984, they purchased the land where the winery now sits on Dry Creek Road. The land was barren but their vision was expansive. Naming the Winery Chateau Diana (“Home of Diana”) was a way Tom could honor his wife and the family she gave him; the one thing that he never had growing up as a young boy on the streets of New York. Tom used to say, “Behind every good man is a great woman.”

As a rebel at heart with a fearless sense of belief, Tom started selling their wines bottle-by-bottle to build the family business. The dream did not die when they both passed away at the age of 65: in 2012 the winery opened its Tasting Room, which was a tribute to the both of them and a reminder that dreams really do come true. In 2014, Tom and Diane’s children continued to celebrate their parents by adopting a Bench in Central Park with their names on it. The love has come full circle and the dream is continuing to live on through their children.